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Steam traps

Steam traps have the task to discharge the resulting liquids and/or condensate from compressed air, gas and steam systems and to prevent the outflow of the gaseous medium. This happens by means of the float controls, thermostatic or thermodynamic controls built into the housings. These controls are regulating by automatically opening and closing a valve without outside control. The float controlled condensate traps operate absolutely mechanically by the uplift of a float. The opening and closing of the valves by thermostatic or thermodynamic controls depends on the temperature of the operating medium.

Monitoring these steam traps during operation is possible by various additional devices, such as sight glasses, control valves, limit value switches etc., however these must be ordered separately by the customer.

Steam traps are used for removing the liquid condensate from pipings, heat exchangers, autoclaves, tanks in the chemical industry, for trace heating of dryers, boilers etc., paper and textile machines (steam heating of the stentering frames and calenders), vulcanizing press, air heaters, heaters, chip pans, laundry machines and equipments etc., gas and air compressors, compressed air coolers, filters, compressed air systems, compressed air tanks, gas systems.